Organic White Sour Dough Loaf

100% sourdough bread, made the traditional way with just four ingredients: organic flour, Maldon sea salt, water from a local bore hole, and, most importantly, time.


Relying on wild yeast instead of commercial Baker’s yeast, each loaf takes around thirty six hours to make; from building the levian to fermenting the dough, before being stone baked by Surya in his Tytherleigh micro-bakery.




Surya is a proud member of The Read Bread Campaign and will always be transparent about his ingredients. He only uses organic flour and, when possible, he sources locally grown organic grain and mills it himself, making his loaves more nutrient rich and flavoursome.

Organic White Sour Dough Loaf

  • Made with organic white flour, local water and Maldon sea salt.*


    *The starter used for each loaf is a mix of white and a rye, and the levian is built with white and freshly ground wholemeal flour to add flavour and aid the fermentation process.