Chideock Champignons are a local, resourceful mushroom farm that grows and picks high quality gourmet produce. We want to move away from the widespread world of the button mushrooms by highlighting the culinary and health benefits of the underground world of fungi.

Mixed Mushrooms (200g)

  • Chideock Champignons' mushrooms are spring-fed, chemical-free and full of goodness. We promise to never feed you those button, chestnut or closed cup mushrooms (they're all the same strain anyway) that you see everywhere.

    This week, we can offer a mixed recyclable bag of Shiitake, King and Blue/Grey mushrooms. Oysters are super good for you - high in B Vitamins, Vitamin D and minerals, they are also a good source of viral fighting beta-glucans and contain Lovastatins, which help reduce cholesterol. Shiitakes are just an absolute wonder mushroom - thought to be cancer-fighting, obesity beating, and so 'mush' more. Further reading here:


    These mushroom are a great combo of meatiness and flavour. We'd recommend making them into mushroom burgers, or into a ragu, or simply having them on a nice bit of toast - make your pan nice and hot, add the sliced mushrooms before adding the oil. Toss the mushrooms and let the outside edges slowly begin to brown. Then add a good glug of oil and toss, watching until the mushrooms begin to crisp; they should look nice and brown by now. Season with salt and pepper and add thyme, oregano and/or tarragon at the last min before serving on nice bread. Bon appetit!



Lower Hewood Farm, Hewood, Chard, Dorset TA204NR


Our produce is Certified Organic by the Soil Association
Hewood Organics is a registered Partnership ​