• Jon

September 4th 2020

Dear all,

This week has been so soft and still. We've spent most evenings sat in the garden, watching as our 5 new hens, which we recently rehomed from a nearby farm, warily attempt to form new allies and establish the pecking order. We have also been (im)patiently waiting the imminent arrival of up to five more that we have been carefully incubating for over last 21 days, turning the eggs 3 times daily, checking the temperatures and humidity levels and just generally marvelling at all the work and transformations going on, unseen, inside the shell.

The potatoes have finally all been lifted, sorted and stored ready to fill boxes from now until Christmas. The tractor has been proving useful, despite the battery not taking a charge. There is something comical about jump starting such a big, heavy, industrial feeling machine with our little five door Kia, but it does the trick and Fanny Fordson the tractor soon sputters into life.

Our rotavator will shortly be up and running, having arrived last week needing a few adjustments. As with most second hand machinery, some tweaking is required which for some reason always tends to take at least twice the expected time to complete. Needless to say there are a good few jobs lined up for it once it is all sorted.