• Jon

September 25th 2020

Dear all, What a change this past week has been. We so welcomed the rain back last night and were very happy to not have to irrigate the salad garden this morning. Instead, we took out summer plantings of agretti, aubergine, peppers and basil to make way for turnips, tat soi, mizuna and mustard. Our tomatoes got one last prune in an attempt to force the plants into putting all of their energy into the last fruits.

While we are happy to have had the rain, we are hoping for a few more days of sun to help establish a few more plantings before the long nights really set in. Despite the slowing down of plant growth and the shortening of days, we are coming into another particularly busy time of year for us. What with garlic planting, squash harvest, the conversion of the poly tunnels from summer to winter crops and various seeding deadlines that can't be missed, we will be running around almost as much as we were in Spring. After this final push, we can start to slow down a little ourselves, start to think about off-farm work for the winter and soak up the last of the warmth