• Yada

September 18th 2020

Dear all, Would you believe that we're half way through the CSA season!? So far we have bagged up 40 different kinds of vegetables and 91 varieties within those! As we journey into the colder months, there are many more to come, with squash sitting nicely on the fields, stacks of greens planted and lots of roots peeking their heads up. At the beginning of this week, we had a much needed few days off that we spent with Yada's parents, who were visiting from South Wales, and yesterday an incredibly productive day with two of our volunteers, planting out beds of rocket, mustard, land cress and spinach, whilst taking occasional breaks to coo and aww at piglets and chicks and dogs and scoff a seasonal feast from the gardens.

Our springer, Pippin, is extremely obsessed with the new chicks and spends every waking moment, sitting outside the barn, awaiting a cheep..

Yesterday we also pulled our very first ginger plant of the season and proceeded to sip golden milk with great joy for the rest of the evening. The ginger will be left for a few more weeks to grow as much as possible before the weather turns and the crucial polytunnel space is needed for late season crops. Last week was the last of our peppers, which, compared to our last season, did really well and will be increased in production next year (probably instead of our aubergine plants which failed completely.. again)

We hope you're all having a wonderful week and are enjoying the surprising return of midsummer!