• Yada

September 11th 2020

Dear all, We're really beginning to feel a transcendence into Autumn this week. The cucumbers have come out of the polytunnels, following a case of fungus that swept through 90% of our crop, our peppers will almost all be harvested for this week's shares, and we've been busy planting out beds of spinach, chard, snowball turnips and brassica leaves. Soon enough, all of the summer plants will be taken out of the poly tunnels to make room for late season crops.

Following their metamorphosis, the butterflies are taking to the fields in hoards, some still infiltrating our insect netting and ascending upon our brassicas. It'll be a daily task, from now until mid-winter, to ward them off our brussel sprouts, kale and cabbages, which are now shaping up nicely.