• Yada

October 9th 2020

Dear all,

Another week, another veg box, another moment for reflection. Every week, despite almost always forgetting to do it and then scrambling something together as quickly as possible, one of us sits down to pour over the week we've had to come up with something worthy of sharing with you all. This might sound uninspiring, but rather it offers us a moment of respite from the hectic nature of our profession, the opportunity to actually think a minute or two about the ups and downs of the last few days, something we are usually too busy to properly notice.

We finally found the time to make a start on clearing a hedge thats been on the list for about a year now! We utilised the extra hands of our volunteers, and the only dry day on the forecast, to cut the hedge and burn the brush at the same time, making for quite a fun days work. The hedge in question was overtaking the boundary fence for one of the pig pens, currently occupied by Piganthia and her six four week old piglets. Needless to say they offered plenty of distraction when the work got a little tough.

Despite all the happenings on-farm, Jon's recently found work on a local vineyard saw him pick six tonnes of grapes last Sunday, with a full weekend ahead too.