• Yada

October 30th 2020

Dear all,

The rainy season has arrived it seems, and with it, next season's garlic planting. We began on our 8 beds yesterday and should finish today, if the weather allows. Those 8 beds are each 21 metres long and have three rows planted, which will hopefully make for a good harvest. It's just as well, as garlic is one of the best known cure-alls and, as the saying goes, "Garlic is as good as ten mothers". All that we're planting comes from our own seed, gathered from this season's harvest. We choose the best bulbs to set aside, as it essentially clones itself, we'll get the biggest and most beautiful bulbs for next year's CSA.

This week was also a momentous occasion for our chicks, whom we've slowly nurtured over the past months and finally set out onto pasture this week in a protected run, where they'll be kept safe from the curious, and often aggressive, pecking of the older hens for the next few weeks until they've grown more resilient. The Cockerel is much bewildered and the ducks most unamused.. You can watch our video of their release on Facebook or Instagram.