• Yada

October 23rd 2020

Dear all,

During our walk around the farm this morning, whilst seeing what looks best for this week's list, we came across much autumnal beauty. Piglets pursuing one another in a rowdy chase, dew sat placidly on the brassica leaves and the sun, illuminating the rolling hills beyond our valley with the golden surrender of daybreak. The farm sits on a north-west facing marsh, which becomes a great big soup during the winter months, and not much fun to drudge around on. These clear days when the leaves still cover the sodden paths and the cold is just crisp enough to rosey your cheeks are the sweet spot.

The very last of our summer crops came out this week: our Bolivian Rainbow Chillies. I warn you not to fall prey to their floral display, as we both did one summer's day, whilst showing my parents around the garden, much to their delight- they are something spicy! I'm sure they will make a lovely chilli sauce with some ginger and garlic! Perhaps a recipe for this week...