• Yada

November 6th 2020

Dear all,

This morning a thick mist sweeps through the valley and the cows sing their melancholy drone in a far-reaching echo. The last remaining birds whistle their way through the crisp air as they slide around atop the cover of the poly tunnels, their grip held by the layer of algae that has collected, yet to be pressure washed off- perhaps next week with our willing volunteers...

Our days this week past have been mostly filled with preparation for our Soil Association Inspection in a few weeks time, few Autumn plantings and next seasons planning. As we plan, it is as apt a time as any to reassess our triumphs and failures of the seasons past and who better to help us than you. We would love it if you would write and tell us your favourite and least favourite bits of the season so far! What vegetables might make you boogie in the kitchen and which ones are sent to the nether-regions of your fridge drawer? Though we would hope none, we know that everyone is different and to please 30 families equally is an impossible task indeed!

Yesterday we pruned our raspberry bushes and cut down 3 large willows so that we might extend the bushes along the east side of our 'Mandala garden'. Hopefully, this will give us enough next season for more than a work break snack. There was also a lot of pheasant shooting in the valley, hence Pippin dog's disconsolate expression and my attempts to comfort him nonetheless.