• Yada

November 20th 2020

After being non-stop for so many months, to have not very much to do is an odd feeling but a welcome one. I'm very glad to still have constants like our weekly CSA harvest, and the Thursday morning walk around the farm before writing this newsletter to you all. This week however, I'm unaccompanied, as Jon is working away again on the vineyard in Wootton Fitzpaine, pruning 20 acres of vines. I'm also very thankful for the animals, who keep us outside multiple times a day as we let them out, collect eggs, feed them and put them to bed. Our ducks, who we raised from 10 weeks old, have moved on to a new home so that we may have more space for new hens after filling in the pond and transforming the coop, that I built last year, into a hen house with lots of perching space.

As we get further into the gloominess of the season, it's great to be reminded of the resilience of nature. Though the crops have almost stopped growing completely and the trees are bare, nature still works, slowly- whether it be mushrooms forming amongst the beetroot in the poly tunnels or rudbeckias still blossoming in the garden, there is still so much beauty to be found still at this time of year. I hope it makes its way to you all this week!