• Yada

May 2021

A cool and pleasant wind whistles through the farm buildings this morning and brings with it the sweet smell of cut grass and the busy sounds of our small farming hamlet. The cherries and apple begin their bloom and the small house sparrow, that has been following me since Friday morning, flitters from thatch to red brick chimney, to bay tree, to windowsill, in a curious continuation. Sometimes pecking on the window, sometimes at its seal, but always chirping loudly as if to siren the return of sunshine in an ever grateful song.

These past weeks and months have been the most difficult of our combined 11 seasons on the land. During what felt like a retrograde of winter, captured in a never ending downpour, we were left with two options: prepare beds and plant out regardless, disturbing and compacting the soil structure, or, hold off and pray, hope that it'll soon end. Opting for the latter, we are now feeling quite behind, as is the case for many small scale growers in our community who value soil health and life above all. Thankfully we've many hands on deck, with our three new volunteers, who began work 2 weeks ago and our beloved tractor, which Jon is using to cultivate paths and prepare new beds as I write this. Our salad is planted outside, summer crops are in and the top field is filling up fast with a whole load of crops to harvest between June and December.

This Friday will be the last share of our Spring CSA after ten weeks of sharing over 30 varieties of spring produce! We'll be taking three weeks off (from harvesting) before the season really kicks off and our Full Season CSA begins on June 25th. We're very grateful to all those who signed up for our first season of Spring shares and we really look forward to continuing the Spring CSA next season with more herbs from our newly planted perennial garden and lots more spaces for members, thanks to a new poly tunnel!

'PAST-ORAL', an open exhibition of work by artists, farmers and landworkers, is open here on the farm. The free event at Lower Hewood Farm is part of Dorset Art Weeks 2021 and is run over ten dates between May 22nd and June 6th. Read more and book your free place on Eventbrite here. About our CSA Our Full Season CSA runs from late Spring until late Autumn, and features over 100 varieties of delicious vegetables over the three seasons. Each week, you will receive a share of the best produce, carefully chosen by us and picked fresh on that same morning. More than a veg box scheme, our CSA is a co-created food community that is equally beneficial for all, connecting you with the people who grow your food. There are three share sizes and price options available to suit everyone. Learn More Here We hope you all enjoy the sunshine to come! Warm wishes, Yada & Jon