• Yada

January 2021

As the bleak, languid days of winter meander on, our season is just beginning on the farm. The seed benches are filling up fast, and soon enough we will have thousands of seedlings, slowly sprouting away in their trays. After a worrying few days at the beginning of the month, we were able to purchase almost the whole season's seeds, thanks to the early Spring and Full Season CSA signups we've received. Due to a rise in home-growers during the pandemic, our small organic seed suppliers are so inundated with orders that many have had to close shop for weeks to catch up, and some others opening for an hour a day with very limited stock. Thankfully, we now have over 120 varieties of seed that will be carefully nurtured and harvested between April and December.

As well as this, we have a new battery for the tractor we were able to purchase last season with a Dorset Discretionary Fund grant. A great victory for us, after spending the end of last season jump-starting our 1953 Fordson Major from our little Kia Rio. Though we won't be using the tractor for very many things, it will at least be a great help in shaping beds and moving compost as we expand our growing space with over 50 new 21m beds throughout Spring. After doing this with hand and barrow last Spring, it's a huge relief to our backs and will save us many hours during this incredible time, as the garden reawakens and the workload grows too.

Our Spring CSA and Full Season CSA are now open for sign ups and are filling up fast, with just over two months until the Spring CSA season begins. We'll later be opening an Autumn CSA from October onwards for anyone who will be growing throughout the summer in their own allotment or garden and would like to join for the end of the season. Our Farm Share Cards will be available again for those wanting to join us seasonally or receive shares sporadically. We also have single shares available, which could be a great gift for anyone who loves great food!

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