February 2021

I know, it's March. Try as I did to get myself at my desk these past few days, I could only bask in the sun and wander the gardens excitedly, thinking about the season to come. There is a proverb that says 'If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb'. I wonder this morning if that would still stand when reversed...

The winter has felt long and there hasn't been a whole lot to do these past weeks apart from paperwork and administration tasks, which, of course, I put off for as long as possible. Jon has been working with Natural England for two days per week, restoring grasslands on the undercliffe, and we've been slowly tending to the garden, doing the jobs that we won't have time for come April time. Our seed poly tunnel is already full after three or four days' seeding, since we have created our seeding plan with over 50 new bed's worth of space included. But we aren't worried, because this week, we took a delivery of a second hand polytunnel that we were able to buy with upfront CSA payments and we will be installing it very soon!

This fourth poly tunnel will make such an enormous change to our growing operation. Not only does it mean that one of our smaller polytunnels can also be used for seeds, it will give us far more space to grow summer crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, ginger and more. It also means that when the time comes for us to swap out summer for autumn crops, we won't have to forsake them all for plants that will still not be harvested for months because of limited space.

Today will be our first day of planting, with salad crops, spring onions and radishes all going in. We also plan to prepare that small poly tunnel for seeding space. The chickens have been hiding out in there over the winter but were yesterday moved back to their original spot as it became too hot in the direct sun. We've recently had some new additions to the farm and soon, lambing will begin here too.

Thanks again to all of those who have signed up for weekly CSA shares so far. Three places remain on our Spring CSA, which will begin a month from today and will run for 10 week's throughout the 'hunger gap'. Full Season CSA sign ups here and Farm Share Cards also available.

We hope that March is a wonderful month for you all and that the sun has cheered you endlessly, as it has us. With warmth and gratitude, Yada & Jon