• Yada

August 28th 2020

Dear all,

Each week seems to be more chaotic than the last recently. Though I feel a sense of relief to see the elderberries in fruit, the nettles dying back and the leaves beginning the discolour and dance through the air, it feels like summer has almost passed without us quite being able to grasp it. Confused further with our tomato crops, which is now really kicking off (What month is it?), and the ginger and turmeric, who's leaves, those not often seen in a garden in Dorset, are becoming broad and more vibrant with every passing day and will begin to be harvested in a month's time. I've already began my autumn ritual of making warm golden milk and reading under the dull glow of daylight, seeping through the windows, somewhere sunken into the sofa cushions.

Despite the lul in sunshine and my longing for shorter days and less weeds, summer is still in full swing. Yesterday, with our volunteers, we planted out salad crops and spring onions. We'll soon be able to plant out the quickly germinating leafy greens, such as rocket and mustards, without them immediately bolting in the heat.

Wishing you a week of rest, peace and adventure!