• Jon

August 21st 2020

Dear all,

What a rainy old week! Thankfully we haven't had to spend much time out in it, apart from yesterday, when our volunteers braved it, coming in sideways, to help save our cabbages from endless beds of goosefoot, fat hen and redshank. We've not yet had a dry enough few days to get the rest of our potato crop up as blight sweeps steadily through it.

We have been putting the tractor to good use, moving compost, cultivating paths and mowing old crops in preparation of new plantings. On that note, August is the last big seeding month, our last chance to sow a large variety of things and still give them the time to get some good growth before slowing down for the winter. We will continue with successive sowings of a handful of crops, such as Spring onions, lettuces and spinach to name a few, well into October, but as the hours of daylight decreases, crop growth for the majority of things comes to a stand still by Christmas.

As the days shorten, I find myself periodically wandering around the winter squash patch, dreaming of all the wonderful stews, soups and roasts to come. We are growing around ten different varieties of squash and pumpkin this year, our personal favourites of the batch are the small, nutty Delicata and versatile Spaghetti Squash. After my last foray up there, I'd say roughly a month before they start making an appearance in the boxes.