• Yada

August 14th 2020

Dear all,

I hope you've all managed to keep cool this week and have enjoyed some time in the sunshine. We've been hiding indoors for the past 2 days, using the time to begin planning our next season. It's been a week! Our car broke down on the way home from deliveries last Friday and is yet to be repaired BUT last night, our tractor arrived!! As I write this, Jon is in the top field pulling along our new/old cultivator to weed the paths. How much of a relief it is to know that what once would have taken us weeks, can now be done in one day!

In other news, we've begun incubating eggs so that we can soon begin selling them again as add-ons. Our hens (chickens and ducks) are not certified organic, but are fed and treated as such. We feed them on organic layer pellets, though they mostly rely on foraging in their large enclosure. They also regularly and excitedly receive 2nds from the garden- cucumbers are a favourite.