• Yada

April 2019


Good evening all,

It is my great pleasure to be writing to you on this fine evening, the first of many newsletters for Hewood Organics.

This evening's sunset at Seaton

I feel it necessary to share the story of our being here. 

Our business was founded earlier this year, shortly after Jon and I had returned to the UK from Vermont. After months of Green Card confusion, we were to return without even an inkling as to where we would end up. Thankfully, after posting an ad on the Soil Ascociation, we were found by Alexa de Ferranti, owner of Lower Hewood Farm, in a bid to find a replacement for two veg farmers (Adam and Dee of Southern Roots Organics) who were leaving to find a bigger plot.

Quickly we accepted the idea and began to plan ahead. Jon had been farming organically around Europe for years before his move to Vermont and became an active teacher of Permaculture and sustainable farming. I, Yada, a craftswoman by trade, had grown up as the child of two successful plant nursery owners but had only began growing for myself as a 21 year old student- after giving in to an internal rebellion against following in my parents' footsteps.

Our 2 acres of land currently comprises of 3 poly tunnels, a newly sculpted mandala garden, a field plot and a chicken/duck run complete with pond. Aside from a small hand pushed rotavator, used this season to break up heavily compressed soil from old paths to create permanent beds on the plot, we use little to no mechanism in our farming practices.

Mandala Garden before bloom

This season, we're growing over 100 varieties of veg- all of which will be available in our CSA veg boxes. For our wholesales, we've scaled the number down in order to concentrate on growing larger quantities of our finest produce. Our current wholesale customers include Brassica Restaurant, Fruit n Two Veg, both in Beaminster, and The Kind Weigh in Chard. We do hope there will be more to come, so please do spread word! Today marks two months until the beginning of our CSA, how time seems to fly! We are planning an open day a few weeks before, which will include a tour and an opportunity for us all to meet. We will send out more details in the coming weeks, but for the moment save the date- June 16th Hewood Organics & Lower Hewood Farm Open Day

Big Polytunnel: Cimi di Rapa, Purple and Green Mustard Frills, Tomatoes and lots of other varieties!

Harvesting for Brassica Restaurant

This past week, we held our first market stall at Chard's first Vegan Market in the Guildhall. We met some wonderful people and some of those have already signed up, so if that's you- big thanks and welcome! Following the success of the event, an Eco Fair is now beginning organised monthly at the Crowshute Centre, Chard, which will showcase all sorts of wares and produce from the local area and provide a repair shop. We hope to see some of your there in the future!

Jon manning our stall, Vegan Market, Chard Guildhall


First Kohlrabi's of the season.

Yada the Lettuce head

As the crops grow plentiful (as well as the weeds!) and the weather warms, our excitement mounts along with the workload. As much as we are looking forward to summer and the abundance it brings, we are finding immense joy in the seeds sown, beds prepped, mistakes made and lessons learned that will ultimately enrich the season.

With gratitude,

Yada and Jon