The recent developments of the COVID-19 virus are truly unprecedented. As 'key workers' and committed farmers, we strive to continue our work here to the best of our ability and do everything we can to serve those around us. Those of us at Lower Hewood Farm remain well and there are currently no cases of COVID-19 within our community.


We have signed up to become volunteers for our local COVID-19 Mutual Aid Group and we urge anyone who is well and able to do the same. The actions of such groups aim to support those who are elderly, vulnerable, or in self-isolation and make certain that they have food, medicine, and maintain a happy state of wellbeing. We're working with this group to continue building our 'farm to consumer' relationship in our local community and ensure that produce gets to those who need it. 

It has always been in our great interest to grow food that is fresh, healthy and nutritious. At this time, it is more essential than ever that people have access to produce that can strengthen their immune systems and give their bodies everything it needs 


We've had many questions over the past days. The truth is, we, like many others, didn't see this coming. As a result, we didn't plan to be growing a vast amount at this time of year. We have, however, altered our crop plan to included 'quick crops' and, with the help of our Mutual Aid Group volunteers, will distribute what's needed. If you are not within our area, we urge you to seek out your local growers and support them too.

As you know, the repercussions of recent events have hit hard on many sectors. It is with our deepest empathy and support that we think of our customers and friends who are affected by the recent closures. If you're able, do support these small businesses in any way you can (purchase take-away food, or gift cards) There is much pressure on the food production and distribution sectors to supply the demands of its people. Please be patient with those people working in these sectors, whether they be check-out assistants or vegetable growers

This is a daunting time for people across the globe, but be rest assured, that farmers everywhere are doing their best to ensure nobody goes without.

Our CSA VEG Scheme will run as planned from June to December. You can read more information about signing up here.

Stay well.

Warmth and Gratitude,

Yada & Jon