10 weeks of Spring goodness...

Our Spring CSA is here to provide fresh nutritious produce throughout the 'Hungry Gap'. It runs from April until June and includes 5 different varieties each week to keep your Spring table as exciting as it will be in Summer. We include the most interesting and usual varieties, as well as those timeless favourites, concentrating on depth flavour and vibrant colours.

2nd April

4th June

Every Friday

As a CSA member you will...
  • Secure your Spring produce with 5 carefully chosen varieties of nutrient dense, organic vegetables each week

  • Enjoy food that is free from harmful sprays, aquaponics and grow lights

  • Receive a weekly farm newsletter, including the contents of that week's CSA share

  • Get creative ideas and recipes using our produce and be a part of our CSA community

  • Support small scale, ecological farming and get to know your local growers

  • Help us to protect and benefit the environment by encouraging diverse wildlife, using little fossil fuels and sustaining soil health, whilst supplying produce that has only travelled the small distance from our farm to your plate

  • Join us for market garden tours and  events on the farm

Fair Payment System

Amongst the frosted catkins and the crisp, soft air of Spring, so begins the gradual unfolding of our growing season, and with it, a big investment for small-scale growers everywhere. Spring is a time where we chose seeds that will be sewn and harvested until Christmas, a time to renew tools that have been defeated by the winter and a time to purchase all of the materials that make our farm-to-plate operation possible. Our sliding-scale payment system means that we can all work towards a fairer food-system, whilst allowing you to pay what you can afford.










Payment Options

One upfront Payment at the beginning of the CSA

Weekly Payments by standing order

Our Collection points


The Packing Shed


TA20 4NR




TA18 8RR

Read more about the Community Supported Agriculture Model and our farming practises or visit our FAQ page for more info on joining our CSA